The light of the qur-an


Details:   The Light of the Qur’an : Dhiya’ ul Qur’an [Volume 1],
Qur’an Tafseer | Qur’an Commentary,
Volume 1 : from Surah Fatiha to Surah al-Anam,
Edition: 2008
Author: Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari
Translator (Exegesis): Iftikhar Bajwa
Translator (Qur’an): Anees Ahmad Shaikh (translator of Jamal-ul-Qur’an)
English Commentary with Arabic : Printed in quality paper.

About the Author:
Ziya al-Ummat Pir Karam Shah al-Azhari [d.1418 AH / 1998 CE ] ‘alayhir rahman w’al ridwan Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah, May Allah have mercy upon him, was a famous saint of the Chishtiya Nizamiya sufi order.

He was also a learned theologian, a commentator of the Noble Qur’an, a biographer of the Beloved Prophet, peace & blessings of Allah be upon him, a jurist, an educationist and Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. His family was honoured in the Punjab province due to their knowledge and piety. His grandfather Pir Amir Shah known as Amir-us-Salikeen was also a famous chishti saint. His father Pir Hafiz Muhammad Shah Ghazi was a sufi too, who took an active part in the Pakistan Movement for the liberation of Kashmir. The forefathers of Pir Sahib include famous Suhrawardiyya saints like Hadrat Shaykh-al-Islam Sadr-ud-Din Arif and Hadrat Ghaus Baha ud-Din Zakariyya of Multan, May Allah be pleased with them.

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