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THE QUR’AN – English Translation


The Qur’an is the word of the Ever-living God; it has been sent down to guide humanity for all times to come. No book can be like it. As you come to the Qur’an, God speaks to you.To read the Qur’an is to hear Him, converse with Him and to walk in His ways. It is the encounter of life with the Life-giver.

Three main objectives have served as guidelines: To present correct meanings, as far as possible, in accordance with ‘aqeedah ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. To simplify and clarify the language for the benefit of all readers. To let the Qur’an speak for itself, adding footnotes only where deemed necessary for explanation of points not readily understood or when more than one meaning is acceptable. This acclaimed translation of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an has set new standards of readability and accuracy, for the benefit of everyone needing a resource of the Qur’an in English. It is now available in hardback form for ease in carrying and distribution. Readers will appreciate the clear, modern English, the smooth flow of sentences, and the concise footnotes which give necessary information but allow uninterrupted reading of the main text.

APPENDICES Short Biography of the Prophet Muhammad, Introduction to the Study of the Qur’an, The Unique Qur’anic Generation, Preservation and Literary Challenge of the Qur’an, Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an, The Qur’an on the Origin of the Universe, The Qur’an on the ‘Big Bang Theory’, The Qur’an on the Expanding Universe, The Qur’an on the Orbital Movement of the Sun and the Moon, The Qur’an on Duality in Creation, The Qur’an on the Origin of Life in Water, The Qur’an on Seas and Rivers, Miracle of Iron, The Qur’an on Mountains, The Qur’an on Human Embryonic Development, Scientists Acceptance of the Miracles of the Qur’an, Miracles Performed, Old and New Testament Prophecies of Muhammad, Women in Islam, How do I become a Muslim?, Quick Guide to Ablution and Prayer and Frequently Asked Questions about Islam – Short Answers

Cover: Hardback
Author: A B Al Mehri
Publisher: The Qur’an Project
Size: Large 24x17cm

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